Rhoads, Teckla | General Motors

Director, GM Global Industrial Design
General Motors

Teckla Rhoads’ role at GM Design is diverse, but that’s what she loves about it. Said Rhoads, “Since I started at General Motors, I’ve had the opportunity to explore a variety of different areas in design as well as build a business background in the industry. One minute I’m interacting with car designers and the next I’m working on global design strategies for the auto shows. It’s a unique career direction, but one I enjoy.”

Rhoads was born and raised in the Detroit suburbs. Two years after graduating from the Center for Creative Studies’ Industrial Design Program, she joined the General Motors design team as a lettering specialist. She eventually moved on to GM Operations, which gave her a unique perspective on the inner workings of the business. Today, as the director of global industrial design, she focuses on building a global relationship with GM teams around the world. She also oversees many different aspects of design besides automotive and provides direction for staff working on everything from exhibit design, environmental design, corporate identity and product and merchandising design.

“There’s always so much to learn. The industry is constantly evolving,” explains Rhoads. "General Motors is distinguishing itself as a company through design and it’s my job to make sure this is consistent not only among our products but also in every visual representation of the corporation—architecture, the interior of our lobbies and all of our brands. All of these elements work together to differentiate GM from its competitors

Session Title:
Global Industrial Design Then and Now: Designing Women at General Motors

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