Priyankaa Krishnan


Priyankaa Krishnan
Learning Experience Designer | Meta

Priyankaa (Pri) Krishnan is an experienced Learning Experience Designer and educator with a demonstrated history of working in startups, corporations, and higher education. She is currently a Learning Experience Designer at Meta.

Skilled in Change Management, Design Thinking, User Experience, Agile Frameworks, Teaching Pedagogies, Educational Technology, Entrepreneurship, and more, she is a lifelong learner pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Human-Computer Interaction from Iowa State University. She also holds a Bachelor's and Master's in Industrial Design and a graduate certificate in Instructional Design and is an accidental entrepreneur. During her Master's degree, she co-founded Cards For Women (, a safe space for women to listen, empathize, and strategize on the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to build a better future.

She is an advocate for women in professional advancement. Her laugh comes from within, and her energetic focus on absorbing the world leads to productive tactics and clear operations. (



Statement of Candidacy (Midwest District Representative - Women in Design Committee | 2023-2024 term)

I am a young, international, brown woman from a developing country. Let’s admit it, it’s not easy!

I was born in India, brought up in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and moved to the United States for my studies. I come from a conservative Indian society where becoming a designer means I don’t have a “real” career and, moreover, I was born to be a wife. I had to rebel against such narratives to join design school.

I got my undergraduate degree.
I got my graduate degree.
But I was still struggling to get a job, and a male professor told me, “Students from the Midwest don’t land big five jobs because their skill sets are nothing compared to West or East coast students.”
I wanted to prove him wrong and I bagged a big five position.

If I can, you can!

I work every day to erase the story others have written for me. I want to also help other women write their own story, irrespective of what society has decided for them.

What do I wish to accomplish being part of Women in Design Midwest? Connect people! In the process of connecting people, I want to…

For students:

  • Host portfolio and resume building sessions
  • Find mentors for each student
  • Help them find internships and jobs
  • Have them meet with different corporate design teams
  • Host social hours and inter-college events
  • Provide them a platform on IDSA to promote their work and to share their story

For professionals:

  • Host social hours and networking events
  • Provide them a platform on IDSA to promote their work and to share their story
  • Connect them with design students to inspire them
  • Find experienced designers to be mentors
  • Help them find jobs

…and more! That said, I cannot do this alone. Please share your ideas and requests; let’s change together.