Peter Scupelli

Peter Scupelli
Assistant Professor
Carnegie Mellon University

Peter Scupelli is an assistant professor in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University. His teaching and research focus on shaping behavior through design: how human behavior, information technology and the physical environment can support learning, coordination in high-reliability organizations and sustainable behavior choices. Scupelli’s training and career path link architecture, interaction design and human-computer interaction research. He holds a PhD in human-computer interaction; master of design in design for interactions and an architecture degree. 

LEARN!2050 and Dexign Futures

Arnold Wasserman, IDSA, and Peter Scupelli explore how we might redesign education to face the challenges and opportunities of a sustainable future.

Increasingly, designers operate within ever-broader contexts (i.e., technological, social, political, environmental and global). Design for sustainable futures requires the ability to envision longtime horizon strategic scenarios  shaped by forces likely to drive change in broader contexts. Traditional pedagogy poorly equips designers to integrate long-range, strategic thinking with current human-centered design methods.