Paul O’Connor

Paul O’Connor
Executive Creative Director
Ziba Design

Paul O’Connor is a strategist of brands, people and design—steering the craft of creative direction and spearheading business development efforts at Ziba. With a background in hands-on industrial design and more than 15 years of experience as a visualizer and storyteller, O’Connor ensures comprehensiveness across the studio’s work—balancing creativity, logic, technical detail and narrative. He weighs organizational cultures, competitive landscapes and industry biases in the light of consumer insights and practical know-how, cracking tough nuts and leading innovation-oriented projects with each of Ziba’s business groups.  

The Future Will Be Boring (and Awesome)

A decade from now, moonshots will still be moonshots—inspiring, but unlikely. So how can we use these next 10 years productively, improving the world around us? What if instead of gazing at the moon we studied the ignored corners of our everyday lives?  Paul O'Connor will detail the shifts in technology—from the Nest thermostat to Amazon Dash button—and global consumer expectations that have transformed these forgotten moments of our lives into massive businesses. He will outline the principles and pitfalls of redesigning our most mundane experiences and just might convince you why being boring—isn’t such a bad thing after all.