Paul J Fromholtz, IDSA

Paul J Fromholtz, IDSA
Industrial and Packaging Designer Consultant
Communication Chair, IDSA New York City Chapter | 2022-2023

Feeding his appetite for meeting new people, exploring new communities, and creating new designs, Paul continuously looks for ways to broaden his horizons. He utilizes this greater perspective in crafting tangible consumer experiences. Paul enjoys working with individual clients one-on-one, as well as working in the corporate environment, with a goal of bringing the best result possible to reality.

As he believes his choices may have a global impact, Paul has always striven to create meaningful designs with purpose. As a packaging consultant, his work spans globally recognized fashion brands to international pharmaceutical powerhouses, exploring sustainable material options, supply chain implications, market viability, and company-wide sustainability footprints.

Through his industrial design work, his focus has been on ergonomics and consumer interactions across various housewares categories, placing additional emphasis on the unboxing experience for ecommerce brands.

Paul’s passion for design continues beyond his daily work. When not working with a client, he spends his evenings as a student mentor with Offsite and other online education and community outreach programs. It is from this diversity in clientele and volunteer programs that he stays in touch with the latest trends, always connected with the global design community.