Oved Valadez

Oved Valadez, IDSA
Co-Founder, Creative Director

Oved Valadez, IDSA, is a founding partner and creative director of INDUSTRY. He is an accomplished product designer and brand storyteller. Throughout his career he has led category busting design and marketing initiatives with results.  Valadez is an expert at crafting the Big Idea, shifting markets and delivering impact to people.

As a creative director, he has collaborated with companies that include Nike, Starbucks, IHG Hotels, Samsung, Autodesk, TDK, Coca-Cola, and Intel among others.  Formerly a lead designer at IDEO, Ziba and Kaleidoscope—Valadez’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, Hypebeast, Wall Street Journal, Wired and Cool Hunting.

Look Up

Tangible and digital experiences are merging to deliver the promise of a seamless life. It’s not about technology. It’s about how technology enables human potential. We have to remember technology exists to empower people. They don’t care about innovation for the sake of innovation, or design without meaning. They want to integrate technology and life. They want their devices to be seamless and adaptive—to fit the way they live. To Look Up.

The future of IOT is about how products, services and technology adapt to life. People want to Live True. Today is about product ecosystems; tomorrow is about seamless integration. The future will look more like the past.