Noah Murphy-Reinhertz


Noah Murphy-Reinhertz
Sustainability Design Lead, Nike

Noah is the Sustainable Design Lead within Nike’s Innovation Kitchen and the creator of Space Hippie. He collaborates with a diverse group of designers and innovators to blend sustainable materials, technologies and ideas into all of Nike’s advanced innovation efforts.

He was previously Director of Industrial Design at fuseproject, responsible for numerous award-winning products in consumer electronics, furniture, robots and wearable devices for clients such as Herman Miller, Samsung and iRobot. Combining this diverse experience of end user needs with Nike’s deep resource commitment to sustainability, he now leads the product design and implementation efforts aimed at closed loop and carbon footprint reduction through performance footwear and the future of sport.

When not tackling abstract problems, Noah creates practical problems by sailing wooden boats with his wife and daughter in the cold waters around Portland, OR.



Sustainability Design Deep Dive 2020 Session Description

Presentation: Nike Space Hippie – Optimistic Urgency and Low CO2e Shoes

The journey to create Nike Space Hippie and the challenges of creating radically sustainable product, even when everyone at Nike is on your side.