Michael Paterson, IDSA

Michael Paterson, IDSA
Senior Industrial Designer

Michael Paterson, IDSA, is an internationally acclaimed industrial designer who has led the design of many commercially and critically successful consumer products. By observing behaviors, experiencing and studying other human situations, Paterson strives to create memorable and relevant product experiences. Through collaboration with leading global brands, he’s reached millions of people around the world with his work. 

Currently a senior industrial designer at GoPro, Paterson has worked around the world with Philips Design, TEAGUE and IA Collaborative. He’s earned design awards including Red Dot, iF Product, CES Innovations, INDEX and The President's Design Award, Singapore.

The Method Designer

Michael Paterson, IDSA asks: are you a method designer? We have a duty as designers to utilize experiential or immersive insight gathering as an integrated aspect of our process. It not only allows us to achieve a level of empathy with the user—it arms us with a tacit knowledge that makes our design effort more focused and purposeful.

With method acting, Stanislavski set out to convey "truth" through a more human system of acting—encouraging actors to build a cognitive and emotional understanding of their role. “Method designing” describes a similar approach to design—one that applies common sense over complex frameworks. Paterson will share examples from his experiences to demonstrate how an empathetic approach leads to relevant and compelling product experiences. We will explore what is the least we can do when research is not in project scope—and what we might miss if we aren’t method designers.