Marty Gage, IDSA

Marty Gage, IDSA

Vice President, Design Research

Marty has been collaborating with cross-functional teams and pioneering design research techniques for more than two decades.  From weapons systems to diapers, his expertise crosses diverse industrial and consumer product categories. Recently he has been developing techniques that connect design to the brand promise. His groundbreaking generative research for a Fortune 50 consumer packaged goods company led to a top-selling new product in 2013. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities such as the College for Creative Studies, Cranbrook Academy of Art, The Ohio State University, and Savannah College of Art & Design. He holds a Master’s degree in Human Factors Psychology from Wright State University.

Insight Translation: Unleashing the strategic power of design

In the last 30 years the rate of new product failures remains unchanged at about 50 percent despite unprecedented access to information, new technologies to reach consumers, and new business models, such as crowd sourcing.  About half of all new products fail in the marketplace. The primary reason cited for these failures is that the value propositions did not align with people’s desires. Marty will talk about how design can be leveraged to align teams within companies, to solve the right problem and innovate around the desires of the marketplace.

Workshop | Identifying the components of experience

Following Marty’s presentation, we’ll play a team-based Cranium-like game to learn about the elements of ‘experiences' and how to identify actionable components to inspire the design process. After choosing a card that represents one of the components of experiences—Emotions, Features, Attributes, or Benefits—each person will sculpt, sketch, or act out what is on the card and the team will guess the component. Once the team has collected enough of these experience components, they will use them to fill in a Mad Lib-like story. The teams will share their story stories and the best story will win a box of goodies representing some of the best that Columbus has to offer!