Mariana Keymolen, IDSA

Mariana Keymolen, IDSA
Industrial Designer | ZIBRIO
Events Lead, IDSA Houston Chapter | 2021


Mariana Keymolen is a diligent designer, strong listener, networking fanatic, and an active UH alumni across multiple organizations. Currently working at ZIBRIO, she works within the UX research and design department to create smooth and enjoyable experiences throughout the ecosystem of ZIBRIO products. She is a contract Industrial Designer for Gembah and continues to be active in the FemTech community with her role at the nonprofit FemTech Focus. 

With an emphasis on empathy and user testing, she seeks progress on a global scale by provoking conversation about human issues and well-being. Mariana has a strong career interest in consumer electronics, products for women’s health and wellness, and digital products, especially opportunities that increase awareness.

As a proud first-generation UH Alumnus, Mariana is constantly promoting opportunities and nurturing a community for students and alumni.