Lisa M. Abendroth

Lisa M. Abendroth
Professor, Communication Design
Metropolitan State University of Denver

Lisa M. Abendroth is a professor of communication design at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Her research focuses on issues of social equity toward marginalized audiences. Working across disciplines—she practices, evaluates and writes about design that addresses underserved people, places and problems.

Abendroth is a founding member of the SEED Network and coauthor of the SEED Evaluator design assessment tool. She is a recipient of the SEED Award for Leadership in Public Interest Design. Abendroth is co-editor of the Public Interest Design Practice Guidebook: SEED Methodology, Case Studies, and Critical Issues.

We’re In This Together: Public Interest Design

In response to profound human justice issues, public interest designers are emerging as a new breed of practitioner focused on building intentional and lasting solutions to social, economic and environmental concerns.

Public interest designers facilitate understanding and work across divides—collaborating with underrepresented communities and audiences with distinct needs; embracing a community-centered participatory approach to recognizing issues within environments, products and systems; and evaluating designed outcomes to build a legacy of best practices.

Lisa Abendroth of Metropolitan State University of Denver will introduce the goals and methodology of the SEED Network, an organization that provides a framework for activating ethical and sustainable, public interest design.

On behalf of the SEED Network, Abendroth will offer one-time, complimentary access to the SEED Evaluator, to five professionals who attend this year’s WDDC. A $300 value, the SEED Evaluator provides the necessary guidelines for pursuing a design process informed by inclusivity and participation that can lead to SEED Certification. Attend Abendroth’s session, set for 3:15pm on Friday, April 1, to learn more.