Linda Jiang, IDSA


Linda Jiang, IDSA, is co-secretary of IDSA's San Francisco Chapter. She is the head of industrial design at Essential Products. Jiang was profiled in October 2017 by reporter Madeline Buxton on Refinery29  as having "designed one of the most hyped phones of 2017" and by reporter Matthew Kronsberg on Bloomberg's Best Gadgets of 2017. "For a combination of performance, price and stunning industrial design, nobody came close to the Essential."

Previously, Jiang was a senior designer at Playground Global, where she helped a wide range of consumer hardware startups bring their visions to market. Jiang also was a part of Motorola's Consumer Experience Design team in Chicago. She launched a portfolio of products ranging from award-winning Bluetooth accessories to global smartphones. Jiang is a tech geek who is dedicated to delivering meaningful products that provide genuine solutions to everyday problems. With the end user as her main focus, she drives to connect physical design with innovation, problem solving and truly compelling experiences.

Jiang's other passions include cats, table tennis and Taiwanese desserts.