Laurissa Wolfram-Hvass

Laurissa Wolfram-Hvass
Research Manager

Laurissa Wolfram-Hvass manages the research team at MailChimp. She works with a talented group of qualitative researchers to study customer behavior, product usability and industry trends—using an assortment of research methods such as interviews, usability tests, surveys, web analytics and competitive analysis.

Wolfram-Hvass particularly is interested in how geographic location and culture affect user behavior and technology. She earned her PhD in English rhetoric and composition from Georgia State University, studying how user experience research is used to inform and influence product decisions.

The Audience of Research

Understanding customers is an important part of creating excellent products and services. We spend countless hours talking to customers, surveying them and observing their behavior patterns—all with the intention of building something they need and want. But what happens after we collect and make sense of research findings? How does it go from interesting information to design and development? MailChimp Research Manager Laurissa Wolfram-Hvass describes how her team shares actionable customer insights throughout the company.