Kevin Shankwiler, IDSA

Kevin Shankwiler, IDSA
Industrial Design Professor | Georgia Institute of Technology
Board Member, IDSA Atlanta Chapter | 2022-2023

Kevin Shankwiler has been a member of IDSA for nearly two decades, with active continuous involvement since 2004. He has previously held leadership positions as Chair and Co-Chair of the Atlanta chapter, served as Education Coordinator for the Southern District, was part of the Atlanta International conference planning committee, and continues to serve as Faculty Advisor for the Georgia Tech Student Chapter. In these roles, Shankwiler has organized educational content for numerous district conferences, launched the graduate student showcase at Southern District Design Conferences, coordinated Student Merit Award judging, spearheaded the Atlanta chapter’s high school outreach program, and helped plan, host, and emcee the successful 2019 Southern Design Summit.

Prior to academia, Shanwiler’s career in industrial design practice included work in the industrial equipment sector and in outdoor household goods. More recently, he has been engaged as a design patent expert witness on several court cases. With the growing and enthusiastic design community in Atlanta, he has worked to provide unique opportunities to foster and deliver content and programs that have value for IDSA members and the broader Atlanta community.

Currently, Shankwiler is a Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Program Coordinator at the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Industrial Design.