Kerstin Strom

Kerstin Strom, S/IDSA
MFA Candidate, Instructor of Record  
University of Notre Dame

Kerstin Strom is a multifaceted industrial designer focused on the future of making things through the impact of design, technology and play. As vice chair of the IDSA Ecodesign Section, her focus is advocating new design skill sets that will be integral to the future of sustainable design. Currently part of the Autodesk K12 Educational Engagement and Awareness team, she is teaching and working towards her MFA in industrial design at the University of Notre Dame.

EcoDesign Alignment: Pushing Boundaries of Design  

Construction, architecture and interior design industry professionals are thinking more and more about product materials, ingredient transparency and what clients are asking for in healthful building materials to meet LEED and other green building initiatives. Suzanne Drake finds that for eco-design principles to be sustainable, the design community needs to be in alignment. The latest innovations in “eco industrial design” need to respond to the current trends and innovations in the same field.