Kate Webster

Kate Webster
Breaking Thru Barriers

Kate Webster, PhD, broke a wooden board with her bare hands on a TEDx stage—showing audience members how it symbolizes the ability to break free of limiting beliefs. As the founder of Breaking Thru Barriers, Webster is an impassioned speaker who wears her heart on her sleeve and helps audience members transform.

She combines her background in teaching sociology at DePaul University in Chicago and at Dominican University, also in Illinois—with a third degree black belt in karate—for an interactive and dynamic program that will engage the audience to feel more empowered and make effective changes—personally and professionally.

Webster earned her PhD in administrative institutional policy studies and comparative education from the University of Chicago, and her bachelor’s degree in psychology and social relations, cum laude, from Harvard University.

Quiet Power—The Key to Managing Difficult People and Situations

Industrial designers often are called on to lead and navigate discussions within multi-disciplinary groups that include management, marketing, engineering and manufacturing specialists. For the most part, these conversations and negotiations go smoothly. However, what happens when they turn stressful or stagnate?

Kate Webster, PhD, finds dealing with difficult personalities and broaching intricate discussions takes skill, tact and confidence. She will provide concrete tools to take control of the situation while managing reactions and navigating problematic interactions with ease. This interactive session will provide skills to find your own Quiet Power to address conflict and communicate effectively in workplace situations, making day-to-day interactions run more smoothly.

By the end of the session you will:

  • Identify four communication styles and how they apply to your work situation
  • Develop effective communication strategies that fit your temperament and personality style

Outline skills that facilitate respect and understanding in workplace interactions