Julija Naskova

Julija Naskova
PhD Student
Hong Kong Polytechnic School of Design

Julija Naskova holds an MFA in Film Directing from UCLA.  After working in various aspects of film production, she specialized in post-production and encoding media for online delivery, developing a passion for the internet and its creative possibilities.  While currently pursuing a PhD in UX Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic School of Design, her research focus is on usability, user experience, Cloud education and cyber ethics.

Dewey in the Cloud: Pragmatist Educational Theory & E-Learning

A new era in computing is on the rise, and it is called the Cloud.  Not surprisingly, the Cloud is advertised as the "future of education" mostly because of its technological advantages.  Is this the same future as envisioned by John Dewey 100 years ago?  Julija Naskova asks, can this pragmatist’s principles such as democratic education and experience in learning be applied to the Cloud successfully?  Or is this going to be another failed attempt at revolutionizing education?