John Edson

John Edson, IDSA

John Edson is president of LUNAR, the global product design and development firm founded in Silicon Valley more than 30 years ago. LUNAR has been acquired by McKinsey & Company—creating a groundbreaking proposition for the integration of business strategy and design. Edson’s focus is helping clients deliver impact through the creation of beautiful, ingenious and delightful products and services. He is an adjunct lecturer at Stanford University and a regular contributor to Fast Company covering issues at the intersection of business, technology and design. In 2012, John wrote Design Like Apple, which exposes seven ways that any company can become a market leader through creative transformation.

Design and.

The acquisition of venerated design firm LUNAR by the consulting giant McKinsey & Company is just the latest tangible indicator of the changes in our profession. John Edson, IDSA, president of LUNAR, takes a closer look at what was behind McKinsey’s desire to add design to their arsenal. He also asks: how does design drive measurable business impact—the raison d’etre for McKinsey; what does this new partnership mean for the creative team at LUNAR; and how do the answers to these questions combine with other recent events to suggest an optimistic future for industrial designers?