Joel Kashuba

Joel Kashuba
Head of Design
Webb deVlam

Joel Kashuba has worked extensively in the fields innovation and design of consumer goods throughout his career. He is the new head of innovation at Webb deVlam and an adjunct professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he teaches courses on storytelling and narrative innovation; visual design languages; and whitespace ignition.

Kashuba spent almost 10 years leading FEI design at Proctor & Gamble and was a founding global design director at SC Johnson, where he spearheaded design thinking and grew design capability. His work has positioned him in leadership roles that groom organizations to innovate, disrupt and deliver great ideas through rigorous product development and commercialization processes. 
He is a strong supporter of the increased voice of design as a strategic enabler in corporations and communities across the globe. Kashuba is well versed in FEI strategy and innovation methodology. He has facilitated more than 150 ideation and design thinking sessions across the globe for several billion-dollar brands.

Designing the Field

As business grows more savvy to the value of great design and Design Thinking, the roles of designers and design firms has changed. 

Opportunities have evolved for the design industry that place us at the spearhead of what's next, influencing at every level of the organizations we serve. To prepare and seize the moment, designers will need to understand the value of their work, empathize with the needs of their audience, and drive visions of the world we wish to create and our future place within it.