Jim Lesko, L/IDSA

Jim Lesko, L/IDSA

Jim Lesko, L/IDSA retired as an award-winning professor of Art & Design.* Jim taught at Carnegie Mellon, Purdue, Ohio State, the Un. of Cincinnati, Pratt and the NYIT. After retiring as Head of Art & Design at Bridgeport, he taught in Korea at Dongseo Un., & was Head Coach of the Blue Dolphins Football Team.

Jim has a BFA in Design from CIT (1965) and an MFA in Design from CMU (1971). In 1996 he received an MFA in Sculpture and a Minor in Art & Design History from Pratt. Jim served the US Army (Infantry School, Ft. Benning GA).

As a staff designer at Westinghouse, he was responsible for the final design configuration of the Tampa International Airport Automated People Transfer System Vehicle. Jim had a Design Office in NY where he designed medical research equipment.

Jim has published in the Journal of Design History (discovering the first person in history to receive a BFA in ID was a young woman from the Philippines. His book, Industrial Design Materials & Manufacturing is published by John Wiley and Sons is in its second edition and has been translated into four languages. 

* 2010 Dongseo University Outstanding Professor