Jay C. Peters, IDSA

Jay Peters, IDSA
Managing Director

Jay Peters, IDSA, is the managing director of PARK USA, a leading world design and innovation management consulting firm, and managing director of Grow USA, a leading world professional education provider in design management and design leadership. Collectively, PARK and Grow endeavor to deliver on their shared mission to empower design leaders.

Peters consults, coaches and educates clients from major global brands such as LEGO, Nestle, Sony, Kimberly-Clark, Novo Nordisk, BASF, Unilever, Honda, Roche and many others; as well as (non) governmental organizations and academic institutions on using design and innovation-led practices to maximize value across the triple (profit, planet and people) bottom line.

Peters has lived and worked extensively across Europe and the United States. He holds a bachelor's degree in product design and with a minor in marketing from Southern Illinois University, and a master’s degree in business Design from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy.