Jason Tennenhouse

Jason Tennenhouse
President and Owner
10 IN HOUSE Strategy & Design

Jason Tennenhouse considers himself a design strategist and serial entrepreneur. He has built strategies, created brands, patented products internationally and constructed spaces for hundreds of ventures of all sizes and across dozens of sectors. He’s founded toy companies, restaurants, non-profits, innovation spaces, music festivals and think tanks where he has hired hundreds of employees and raised tens of millions in seed capital.

Tennenhouse particularly values social impact work. He is a firefighter, Department of Homeland Security Incident Commander, published author, public speaker and a guest lecturer at Purdue University in business, technology and engineering, Tennenhouse serves on several boards. He has helped start initiatives on public art, literacy, healthcare, hunger and clean water, and has served as a relief worker in Africa and Latin America.

Tennenhouse holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and an MA in entrepreneurial industrial design—both from Purdue University.

Distal Design—To Crazy Land and Back Again

Design principles and methods have a broader application and are more powerful than commonly practiced. Jason Tennenhouse finds that by understanding how to navigate the concentric nature of various fields of design, one can engage multiple disciplines for a more holistic solution, as well as apply design thinking in unconventional fields. He will explore the benefits of varying our distance of abstraction, by analyzing the design of a community co-working space.