James Brown, IDSA

James Brown, IDSA
Industrial Designer | BlackHägen Design
Vice Chair (Tampa), IDSA Miami Chapter | 2020-2021

James Brown is an energetic innovator whose goal is to create and deliver compelling solutions and products. In his work, he is passionate and meticulous to ensure that functionality, form, and thoughtful UX are achieved throughout each project.

Brown moved from California to Tampa, Florida five years ago, and currently works as an industrial designer at BlackHägen Design. In 2009, he graduated from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA with a bachelor of science degree in industrial design. For over a decade, he has worked in studios and as a consultant, providing creative services in a range of disciplines, from transportation and soft goods to aerospace and consumer electronics.

Building on a foundation in traditional methods for concept design and prototype fabrication, Brown embraces emerging 3D technologies, such as rapid and virtual prototyping and VR immersion. Utilizing these cutting-edge tools, he expedites design cycles and communicates them on a global scale. 

Brown holds a great optimism for the future of design and technological growth in Florida. He believes that the natural beauty and active lifestyle in the state are great sources of inspiration for artists.