Greg Aper, IDSA

Greg Aper, IDSA
Director of Business Development, Industrial Designer

Greg Aper, IDSA, is an industrial designer and the director of business development for Whipsaw, an award-winning Silicon Valley product design firm.  Aper has designed and consulted for some of the most highly recognized companies in the world, including Bosch, Dell, Philips, Cisco, Samsung, Panasonic, Google and Intel.

He specializes in the advancement of design through the application of experiential business planning, interdisciplinary communication and creative problem solving. Aper graduated with a degree in industrial design from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Empathy: Staring in to See Out

We constantly hear about empathy and how important it is for designers.  But what is empathy, exactly?  How do we cultivate it?  Why is it so important to our future as creative problem solvers? Join Greg Aper, IDSA, as he defines, demystifies and deconstructs empathy on a guided, whimsical tour of this emotional ability. Aper will set aside design clichés and buzzwords in an attempt to explain why empathy is the most critical skill to the future of design. This is not design thinking. This is how to design thinking.