Grant Goldner


Grant Goldner
Founder at Goldner Sustainability Consulting

Grant Goldner is the founder of a New York based sustainability consultancy that operates at the intersection of material science, industrial design, and the circular economy. Grant’s industrial design roots stem from the Parsons School of Design and as a past board member of IDSA NY. He draws his expertise in sustainability from institutions like the Biomimicry Institute, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in addition to professional experience at The Healthy Materials Lab and biomaterials company Ecovative Design. He believes that in order to preserve the beauty and utility of our planet, we must align design with a sustainable future.



Sustainability Design Deep Dive 2020 Session Description

Presentation: Tarform Electric Motorcycles - Sustainable Materials and Circular Systems

The future of mobility must be renewably powered, and renewably built. That is why Tarform has built their electric motorcycle from sustainable materials that are reclaimable within the circular economy. Grant Goldner, the consulting sustainability lead at Tarform, will provide a lens into the lessons and challenges encountered along the way. This session will cover the strategic framework used to select materials, how the team leveraged the supply chain to ensure materials had their desired end of life, and how they identified novel technology to facilitate recycling for materials outside of commonly accepted municipalities.