Gadi Amit

Gadi Amit, IDSA | New Deal Design

Gadi Amit is the owner, principal designer and coffeemaker at NewDealDesign. (We like this, he makes great coffee, you should make an appointment and go and try some!)

He studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and is a frog alumni among many other positions before opening his company in 2000.

Gadi and his firm, NewDealDesign, won the 2010 IDEA Best in Show Award last year for their design of the Slingbox.

Connecting high business goals to the real world has been the motto of NewDealDesign for the past decade. They create world-class products with startups and Fortune 500 companies by delivering a unique combination of market savvy, practical vision and a keen ability to craft the right design. With over 100 design awards, many millions of units shipped and billions of dollars generated for their clients, NewDeal's passion is always the next great project.

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