Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson
Designer and Filmmaker

Doug Wilson is a designer, filmmaker, typographer, and cyclist— in no particular order. In 2012, he directed the feature-length documentary "Linotype: The Film."

Before that, he taught design and typography in higher education and worked at an ad agency. The Denver-based Wilson has worked with companies big and small including Starbucks, Monotype and Virgin Mobile.

How to Find the Humanity in an Inanimate Object

Doug Wilson will share the failures and successes he encountered in making "Linotype: The Film."

“People kept describing it as ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World’ and ‘A Machine that Changed the Human Race,’” says Wilson, “but I could barely figure out how the damn thing worked.”

By examining the linotype and meeting people who were passionate about this long-forgotten piece of technology, not only did he learn how to make a film, he learned how to tell a story and how to be a human.