Demetre Arges

Demetre Arges
Creative Director
Digital Kitchen

Demetre Arges is a creative director with a passion for technology and storytelling. With a strong background in design and more than 15 years of industry experience, he’s been crafting innovative digital campaigns for clients such as Dodge, Paramount Pictures and Getty Images.  His work has garnered many honors, including Cannes Cyber, The One Show and The Webbys.  At Digital Kitchen, Demetre is continuing to explore new ways to leverage content; engage consumers; and deepen their relationships with brands.

 Ambient Storytelling

How do we create experiences in the future, as design becomes less visual and embedded more transparently into the environments that surround us?

As people grow to expect—even demand—that connected experiences respond and integrate with their lives, Demetre Arges and Anthony Vitagliano of Digital Kitchen explore the ways stories can be created and told from more ambient states and examine the importance of storytelling in our future.