David Cowan, IDSA

David Cowan, IDSA
Senior Research Scientist
Georgia Institute of Technology

David Cowan, IDSA, has 30 years of experience in healthcare planning and management. He is an executive in residence and senior research scientist in the Health Systems Institute, a multidisciplinary research center at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Cowan frequently lectures in graduate classes; mentors students; and supports applied research in healthcare design, IT, facilities and quality and process improvement. He’s an instructor in the School of Industrial Design and a part of the research lab SimTigrate, which develops and test prototypes in healthcare processes.

Using/Coordinating Multiple Research Methods to Guide Design  

Disability is a product of the interaction of a person’s functional capabilities and the environment. It is important that design professionals be able to identify and remove barriers to use for individuals experiencing diminished, functional, cognitive sensory or physical functional abilities because of chronic diseases. Brad Fain and David Cowan will discuss research methods and inclusive design practices that help ensure individuals who are managing chronic diseases,  are considered during the design process.