Danielle Chen


Danielle Chen
University of Pennsylvania - School of Design
2019 Northeast District Graduate Student Merit Award Winner


Danielle Chen is a product designer who creates experiences through the lens of play, bridging the gap of design, engineering, and business, and leveraging technology to enhance people’s well-being. She is a storyteller who seeks to identify pivotal moments for the audience with a consumer-centric approach to product and experience design, resulting in the most meaningful engagement with the end user. Danielle designs with passion and empathy through an iterative process of need-finding and problem-solving.


How will you use design to change the world?

As a designer, I always have used and will use design research to understand people’s frustrations with either products they are currently using, or challenges they are facing in their lives. I listen to and empathize with what people say thoroughly, and keep their needs into consideration when designing the end products across the design process. I will then synthesize and prioritize their needs, and turn them into meaningful and actionable insights which will later be transformed into design elements that are applicable for the intended use cases. With the emergence of technology in our lives, I believe incorporating the most suitable technology into design can create a more intuitive and engaging interaction between the people and the products to help elevate the user experience.