Damien Vizcarra

Damien Vizcarra
Senior Designer

Damien Vizcarra has more than a decade of experience with Continuum’s Los Angeles, Boston, Shanghai and Seoul studios. He leads teams of designers and engineers through programs focusing on design language and new product development.

His passions lie in visually translating consumer insights into objects and experiences that embody a harmonious balance of user aspirations, functional needs and aesthetic appeal.  

Vizcarra graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design, earning a bachelor of science degree in product design.

Power to the People: Empowering Humans Through Design Thinking

Design and innovation once focused on creating and communicating differentiation. While design still plays a role in product positioning, today, it also seeks to make users smarter and stronger.

Damien Vizcarra believes designers have the opportunity, and perhaps the responsibility, to use the power of design thinking for good. He’ll cover democratization (what are the political implications of universal access to 3D printing and video editing; how else might we empower the masses in the future); collaboration (the ethics of design thinking); and socialization (could democratizing design thinking change the structure of society).