Christy Sepulvada, IDSA

Christy Sepulveda, IDSA
Designer | M3
Vice Chair, IDSA Austin Chapter | 2020-2021

Christy Sepulveda is an adept strategic designer, avid storyteller, and leading member of the IDSA community. Currently working at M3 Design, she leads design initiatives and creates experiences used in medical tech, social gaming, and consumer electronics. She innovates within several business platforms and ecosystems to ensure that leading perspectives are considered and represented. 

Sepulveda has worked for a variety of large companies throughout her career, including Dell, Stryker, HP, and Woodway. With a strong emphasis in strategic research initiatives and product usability, she aggressively pursues progress with a fearless and bold approach to initiating new ventures.

She also is a co-founder and author of Fire Starter, a place to share insights and learn about product development, design, innovation, and strategy. Any field can use this resource to read about industry insights and predictions regarding culture, process, and specific product archetypes. 

As a proud UH COAD alumni, Sepulveda is constantly promoting a more proactive and collaborative culture for all product developers to share in.