Chris Livaudais, IDSA

IDSA Board South District Vice President: 2015-2017
IDSA Atlanta Chapter Chair: 2012–2015
IDSA Atlanta Chapter Treasurer: 2007–2011

Chris Livaudais, IDSA, works as an associate creative director of experience and service design with InReality, an experiential design agency in Atlanta, GA. He has the unique opportunity to influence his client’s growth trajectories with a mixture of future thinking and design process that allow for a strong balance of strategy and tact. His passion for design education and outreach within the community led him to a position on the board of the Atlanta Chapter of IDSA for the past eight years. He earned a short school certificate in experience design in 2012 from Domus Academy and a bachelor's degree in industrial design from Auburn University. At IDSA's 2016 International Conference in Detroit, Livaudais spoke on Objects that Talk Back.

He chaired IDSA's South District Design Conference at his alam mater in 2016 and at University of Houston in 2017.

2015 Board of Directors Statement of Candidacy