Chris Kaye

Chris Kaye
VP Research and Technical Innovation
US Endoscopy

Chris Kaye is the VP of research and technical innovation at US Endoscopy—a subsidiary of STERIS—specializing in design and manufacturing of accessories that provide new, unique GI endoscopy device solutions.

Kaye holds a BS in industrial and systems engineering and an MS in engineering management from the University of Dayton. He completed graduate-level classes in mechanical and materials engineering at Wright State University.

Kaye held engineering and management positions at companies that served the defense, consumer goods and automotive industries. For more than 18 years, he worked in the medical industry.

Medical Device Design: Challenges and Evolution

Product design consists of the fusing of the simple and complex to provide value. The world is doing its part by continually delivering complex problems for which the designer is tasked to deliver simple solutions. As fast as new tools and approaches appear, the designer is expected to seamlessly and effectively weave them into an answer that is intuitive, empathic and efficient.

A key trap for the designer to avoid is the lure of technology looking for an application.  While this will occasionally yield success, Chris Kaye of US Endoscopy believes a better approach is to thoroughly investigate the environment to discover unmet needs that can improve critical outcomes.