Chris Hosmer, IDSA

Chris Hosmer, IDSA
Co-founder | Airpop
Partner | Tipping Point
Chair, IDSA Jinhua, China Chapter | 2020-2021

Chris Hosmer is an American designer and entrepreneur with deep experience in applied innovation and business transformation.

AirPop, the air wearables company Chris co-founded in 2015, was named a World Changing Idea by Fast Company magazine (May, 2018) and was also honored by SXSW Startup Accelerator in the Health & Wearables track. AirPop is a digital health startup focused on healthy breathing solutions for the 5B+ people living in pervasive air pollution globally. AirPop is a strategic partner to Xiaomi's product eco-system platform and Chris was the first foreign founder to be invested by Xiaomi. 

Previously he served as a Managing Director of Continuum, the global innovation design consultancy based in Boston, MA. From 2000-2008 Chris was an Envisioner in the firm’s pathbreaking Design Strategy Group which innovated new businesses for clients of the firm’s product, service and brand offering. DSG was an early incubator of what would become widely known as Design Thinking and which ushered in the era of human-centered design. Chris then founded and managed Continuum’s China office in 2009 and led the firm's Asia-Pacific portfolio until 2015. His work centered on China’s unique mobile-first, direct-to-consumer internet companies and deeply understanding the emerging middle class consumer that is driving domestic demand for rapid innovation. During his six years in Shanghai, he and his core team vastly expanded Continuum’s services in S.Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. As part of the firm's global leadership team he was responsible for strategic partnerships for Greater China and Southeast Asia and also led brand marketing and experience strategy for the firm’s multinational client partners entering emerging markets.