Chris Brown, IDSA

Chris Brown, IDSA | Sr. Business Developer, Design Central

Chris Brown is a leader committed to supporting those around him as they make a difference in the world. As a senior business developer at Design Central, co-founder of an inclusive indoor play center for children of all ability levels, and an overall life enthusiast, Brown can often be heard saying, “Let’s work together to create something great!”

Brown has touched the lives of those beyond the world of design too, dramatically improving the lives of children with special needs and their families with Hoot Studio, LLC. Brown utilized his design background to create a safe space for these children to engage with others and run, jump, laugh and play in ways that work for them.

With years of experience in design research, leadership, marketing, and operations, Brown is uniquely equipped with the perfect set of tools to tackle any professional challenge, from contract negotiations to mapping product strategy. Outside of work, Brown gets heavily involved in local entrepreneur events and leadership skills culture, keeps a keen eye on the comedy scene, and learns the ropes of being a dad.