Charles Austen Angell, FIDSA

Charles Austen Angell, FIDSA
Founder, President & CEO
Modern Edge, Inc.

Charles Austen Angell is the founder of Modern Edge, Inc., a strategic industrial design firm based in Portland Oregon. Modern Edge is known for its work in fields of health and wellness, mobility, home products and experiential environments.

As president and CEO, Angell oversees all Modern Edge projects including client contact through human factors research; design refinement; product and program management; market positioning and customer experience.

Angell maintains a focus on the role of culture, politics and geography in shaping human needs and meeting those needs with responsive product design. He is passionate about designing products that transcend cultural boundaries to enhance the shared human experience.

Driving the Next Generation of Medical Innovation
We are seeing an epidemic in preventable diseases. The medical community is struggling to keep up with the way modern consumers interact with consumer health care services. Important advances in wearable technology are being introduced to help manage positive behavior change, but the adoption is lowest in the highest risk populations. 
To further complicate the issue, as the importance of consumer driven health goes up, consumer comprehension of health care information is facing new cultural challenges. A recent Columbia University study indicates that in the course a modern day people need to make an average of 70 important decisions. For many people, this leads to a state of diminished mental efficacy known as decision fatigue. The result is poor information comprehension and poor decision making in consumers, creating hereto unseen barriers in health literacy among the population and consumer health care interactions. 
 Austen Angell, FIDSA, and IDSA Board of Directors’ Chair Emeritus, will discuss his firm Modern Edge’s view of how service design and industrial design are transforming medical services and the development of consumer medical and wellness devices—driving positive trends in compliance, efficacy and adoption.