Caterina Rizzoni, IDSA


Caterina Rizzoni, IDSA
Industrial Designer | Kaleidoscope
Chair, IDSA Cincinnati Chapter | 2020-2021

Caterina Rizzoni is a practicing industrial designer living in Cincinnati, OH. She designs medical devices and soft goods as a Lead Designer at Kaleidoscope Innovation, an Infosys Company, where she designs intuitive and innovative solutions centering usability for clients in the med-tech space. She also is the At-Large Director (Conferences) on IDSA’s Board of Directors. She has served as Chair of the IDSA Cincinnati chapter, Vice Chair of the IDSA Columbus chapter, and VP of the IDSA Student Chapter at The Ohio State State University. 

Caterina is a passionate community-builder with experience creating meaningful event-based programming for a variety of organizations. She has been actively committed to building IDSA at both the local and national level. Some of her work for IDSA includes developing the Taboo Schmaboo event series with the Columbus Chapter, and the cross-Chapter collaboration series Blurred Lines. She has also collaborated with organizations like the World Design Organization, Advanced Design, and Unif-ID on a variety of other events. 

Caterina co-founded Design Allyship in late 2019 to provide designers with actionable resources to improve the condition of historically marginalized designers in the industrial and product design industry. The organization provides spaces dedicated to dialogue and discourse about the lived experiences of people of different backgrounds, and tools to enable allyship for all who wish to better the community. 

She serves as a mentor in both formal and informal settings, including in Advanced Design's Offsite mentorship program, Unif-ID, and Startup Weekend, and is a vocal advocate for equitable and accessible design education. She also volunteers with undergraduate design programs including UC DAAP, Pratt, MIAD, CCAD, OSU, and CIA to critique and mentor students and share insight into professional practice. 

Caterina holds a BS in Industrial Design with a minor in Art History from The Ohio State University. When she’s not designing, you can find her building tiny house kits and filling her apartment with more plants than anyone really needs. 


Statement of Candidacy (Board of Directors - At-Large Director, Conferences | 2022-2023 term)

As the At-Large Director of Conferences, I will continue to create rich and meaningful event-based programming for IDSA membership that supports, educates, and inspires our membership. I believe conferences and events are one of the key pillars of the organization’s offerings, and as At-Large Director I will work with membership to iterate on existing events and meet the changing needs of industry professionals.

A good conference is a magical experience, balancing speakers that inspire, content that educates, and an environment that fosters real and genuine connections. Engaging with the design community by attending, hosting, and participating in events and conferences has been one of the most rewarding parts of membership for me. From attending District conferences when I was a student to witnessing the growth of Women in Design programming over the years, IDSA events have been integral to my ongoing growth and inspiration. I look forward to continuing to deliver the excellent programming that IDSA is known for and growing our conference portfolio to better meet the needs of membership.

I also aspire to grow IDSA’s inclusivity and accessibility through conference-building. I look forward to collaborating with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council to create events that increase diversity in IDSA’s core programming while bringing conversations on equity to the mainstream. By using our platform to amplify and uplift marginalized voices, we can raise the bar for the industry and better support and serve all our members.