Carly Hagins


Carly Hagins
University of Notre Dame
2019 Midwest District Graduate Student Merit Award Winner
Instagram: @toaststudio


Carly Hagins is currently pursuing her MFA in Industrial Design at the University of Notre Dame. Prior to graduate school, Carly worked in toy design, the craft beer industry, and higher education. She especially enjoys rapid visualization and believes in the power of visual communication to bring thoughtful, successful concepts to market.

Carly's graduate work has focused primarily on wellness for undergraduate students. Her on-going collaborations with campus stakeholders have introduced design to student affairs professionals and changed how they engage with the students they serve.


How will you use design to change the world?

The design process has tremendous potential to help professionals in other fields re-focus their goals and reconsider how they work to achieve them. During my graduate education, I've worked very closely with the McDonald Center for Student Well-Being, Notre Dame's on-campus wellness center. Many members of the McDonald Center staff have their Master's in Public Health (MPH.) They are champions for our students, but don't always have the creative methodologies to fully engage with them—especially as the student population is ever-changing. In our work together, I have helped them shift their focus from running programming to equipping other stakeholders to develop and run their own, wellness-informed programming. Moving forward, I will continue to pair design thinking with public health and health promotion as well as work to introduce the methodology to professionals in other fields

Additionally, as an educator I will continue to work to equip students with a strong foundation in the elements of design and design thinking. This worldview will help them step through decision making in a thoughtful and methodical manner, which, over time, will certainly change the world.

Carly's presentation at IDC 2019 in Chicago, IL.