Bryce Rutter, PhD, IDSA

Bryce G. Rutter, PhD, IDSA
Founder & CEO
Metaphase Design Group Inc.

Bryce Rutter is a renowned specialist in ergonomic product design and the leading expert in the design of handheld products.  His work ranges from robotic surgical systems, surgical instruments and devices to smart phones, computer input devices and wearables. It also encompasses food and beverage packaging, and beauty and personal care products.

His company, Metaphase, is an IDSA Ambassador, and continues to define new product categories, rejuvenate sleepy brands and develop breathtaking design innovations that fit like a glove for several of the world’s most prestigious and influential brands and scorching start-ups.

As a thought leader in ergonomic design, Rutter has been profiled and interviewed by major media including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Chicago Tribune, O Magazine and Businessweek. Rutter has earned more than 75 design awards and 100-plus patents. 

The Human Hand
Five Human Factors of Medical Design

More than 95 percent of all the products we interface with daily involve the use of our hands in some way. We use this anatomic “tool” hanging from our shoulders to pull, twist, grip, pinch, move, steer, hold, squeeze, turn, lift, scratch, slide, tighten, bend, tap and open—among other motions. But how do we intuitively know which grip to use; how many fingers to use; how to sense the characteristics of the things we touch; and their temperature, mass, scale and form?

Our 10 fingers provide us with enormous capability.  In this workshop, Bryce Rutter, PhD, IDSA, illuminates five, key, human factors that impact medical design.