Bryan Shackelford

Damon Bryan Shackelford, IDSA | Eastman Chemical Company

Bryan Shackelford is a full time member of the research community in Eastman Chemical Company and a sometime member of the Eastman Innovation Lab. Eastman Chemical is a top ranked material manufacturer based in East Tennessee which has been serving B2B needs since 1920 when it was founded by George Eastman. Bryan currently focuses on material color/surface issues from both a science and design background leveraging 15+ years combined Fine Arts and Chemistry perspective in order to provide material insight. Prior to joining Eastman, Bryan enjoyed a wide variety of experiences including gallery manager, restaurant owner, and military leadership. Bryan holds up to eighteen US patents but is most proud of his first patent, US 6136869, a “Depolymerization Process for Recycling Polyesters” which he believes contributes greatly to sustainability.

He originally trained in the studio arts of painting and drawing at East Tennessee State University. He now applies that knowledge not only in continued artistic endeavors but also in creative problem solving generally baffling and or frustrating local management. He holds a second degree in chemistry which has proven useful in translating art, design, and science languages for his community of coworkers. Bryan joined IDSA in order to continue to build bridges between art and science.