Brian Roderman, FIDSA

Brian Roderman, FIDSA | In2 Innovation

Inducted into the Academy of Fellows: 2011


Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of In2 Innovation

"As a kid, I adored LEGO bricks. I wouldn't just build a carousel—I'd build the whole carnival. Not just a house, but an entire town."

Brian Roderman, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of In2 Innovation, is a natural-born designer with an inherent ability to combine artistic vision with complex engineering principles and strategic business goals.

Overseeing the process and design strategies for the organization, along with the operations management for the Dallas office, Brian assures that the creative product of In2 Innovation is always on-target and on the leading edge of design, functionality, and desirability.

Motivated by the passion to "create a product people can't live without," Brian has worked in the design consultancy business for over 20 years, and is frequently a featured speaker on design and innovation at events and symposiums worldwide.

He is active with the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA), having held the positions of Chapter Vice President, Southern District Vice President and Texas Chapter Chair and served on the IDSA National Board of Directors as the Chapter Vice President from 2009-2010.

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Brian Roderman may be reached at 214.240.2508 or at

2011 Academy of Fellows Committee Statement

There is an unofficial tradition among IDSA members that you’re not really part of the Society until you’ve acquired your own Roderman story. These stories never fail to provide entertainment. And they usually offer ample inspiration. Whether the story concerns sleeping on a New York sidewalk during the blackout, building a transoceanic business relationship with Chinese manufacturers or figuring out how to engineer a better, stronger IDSA, they all star the incomparable Brian Roderman.

Energy is the first word that probably comes to mind when Roderman’s name is mentioned. He has unique communication skills and an unmatched passion for both design and the design community. Brian also has an uncanny way of delivering on his promises and visions.

His resume of service to IDSA is lengthy: Texas Chapter Chair, Education Representative, National Conference Organizing Committee, Southern District VP, Section VP, and Chapter VP.

While shuffling between IDSA offices at the local and national levels, Brian has left his distinct imprint on the Society:

He suggested and led the implementation of a chapter and section chair transition meeting.

He moved to restructure district conferences to make money while adding more value.

He helped conceive, develop and launch CONNEXX—the radical overhaul of how IDSA’s chapters, sections and accredited schools interact, which is meant to encourage more effective and more valuable member-to-member collaborations.

Most recently, he has worked through IDSA and his own professional practice, In2Innovation, to build and nurture relationships with the Chinese design and manufacturing communities.

Among IDSA’s volunteer leaders, one refrain is heard quite often: “I would not have gotten involved in IDSA leadership if not for Brian’s encouragement and mentoring.”
From a personal perspective, Brian has always considered me one of his mentors. If the truth be told, however, I stayed active in IDSA because of Brian’s enthusiastic spirit, his tireless devotion to IDSA and his friendship. He was the link between the old guard and the new and younger members of the society. He encouraged me at every turn and I simply did not want to let him down. He represents all that is good about IDSA membership and leadership.

There is no greater advocate for the profession of industrial design and the IDSA than Brian Roderman. He is the classic Fellow’s Fellow and now, he is officially an IDSA Fellow.