Brett Pearson, IDSA

Brett Pearson, IDSA
Industrial Designer | KEM STUDIO
Liaison (Center for Architecture & Design, KC Design Week), IDSA Kansas City Chapter  | 2020-2021

Brett Pearson, IDSA is an industrial designer at KEM STUDIO. He has been an integral part of designing products, strategies, spaces, structure, graphics, and architecture, working harmoniously and collaboratively with a small team of fellow industrial designers and architects for the last six years. 

As part of the IDSA Kansas City chapter, his responsibilities include being the IDSA representative on the Board of the Center for Architecture & Design as well as on the Executive Committee for KC Design Week.  

In his travels, he has developed a love for the design process, proportion, storytelling, scale, and exploration. He believes there is an incredible amount of potential and exploration to be found in the intermediate space of architecture and industrial design, as well as in these respective industries. His goal is to find a balance of simplicity, beauty, and function at every scale.

Pearson graduated with a BFA in industrial design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2013.