Brett Lovelady

Brett Lovelady, IDSA | Astro Studios

Brett is the founder and driving force at ASTRO Studios of San Francisco, a company he launched in 1994.  Brett created ASTRO to be a pure design pop-culture, where he and his talented crew could blend design skills, innovative technologies and lifestyle influences into high impact, supercharged products and brands. 

Since then, ASTRO has become an international product design powerhouse by creating industry leading products for companies like Nike, Microsoft, HP, Alienware, Herman Miller, Xbox, Virgin, Boxee and many more seen at  Also, ASTRO recently spun-off a new company called ASTRO Gaming, the first high performance video gaming equipment and lifestyle products for all levels of serious gamers.

In the past decade, ASTRO has won numerous design and industry awards, including 2 prestigious BusinessWeek/IDSA Design of the Decade Awards, for the both NIKE Triax Sportwatches and Kensington Smartsockets.  Prior to starting ASTRO, Brett did time as VP of Design at Lunar Design and before that VP of Design at Frog Design, both on the mean streets of Silicon Valley.  Brett also purchased a BFA from BYU a few years back.