Bill Evans

Bill Evans, IDSA
Bridge Design

Bill Evans, IDSA, has led Bridge Design for 20 years to perform at the forefront of the industry, invoking a highly, user-centered design approach that improves customer appeal and market share for clients ranging from startup to Fortune 500. 

His firm's broad and deep industry perspective has resulted in powerful cross-pollination of ideas that often anticipate consumer and medical trends. The firm has earned multiple industry design awards—and more importantly—market share improvement for clients. 

Evans has written extensively for industry media, and is a sought-after speaker and university lecturer. He owns multiple patents and holds two master’s level degrees, awarded jointly from the United Kingdom’s Royal College of Art and Imperial College.

The Next Wave of Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare is an integral part of our social infrastructure. Two major demographic and economic factors are going to dominate the future of global healthcare in the next 50 years in both the developed and the developing world: aging and spending per capita. Bill Evans, founder of Bridge Design, will outline these trends and how they will impact designers and consumers of healthcare products and services across the globe. He also will speak on how technology and innovation—with the aid of designers—can help shape the healthcare ecosystem of the future.