Betsy Goodrich, FIDSA

Betsy Goodrich, FIDSA | MANTA

Betsy Goodrich, Vice President of Design at MANTA, has been involved in product development for the past twenty years in both consulting and corporate design. Her experience includes medical instrumentation, consumer products, sporting goods, and business equipment.

Prior to MANTA, Betsy worked as a consultant developing products for Haemonetics, Plantronics, the Valleylab division of Pfzier, and Instrumentation Laboratory. She has extensive experience with medical and consumer electronic products. Her work has included user research and product testing for international markets.

Betsy is very active with the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). She currently serves on the IDSA Committee on Environmental Concerns (CES) and is editor of the CES newsletter "Green Perspectives." Previously, she held the offices of Director at Large, Boston Chapter Chair, and has been on IDSA's Board of Directors.

Betsy has a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Design from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA.