Beth Mosher

Beth Mosher, IDSA
Associate Professor
Rhode Island School of Design

Leveraging her background in anthropology and industrial design, Beth Mosher, IDSA, blends scientific processes and design methodologies to probe the relationship between objects and society—and  mining our cultural past for insights into possibilities for our collective future.

Mosher is an associate professor of industrial design at RISD—teaching design research, future strategy, coding and experience design. She has worked at Smart Design, frog and Nike, and now works for clients on a broad range of projects from footwear to surgical devices. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and has been featured in Adbusters, Azure, Ottagono, Core 77 and Wired.

50 More Years: What Might Happen to Industrial Design and How We Can Prepare For It

In the past 50 years, our fledgling design profession has emerged from the shadows. We now have a visibility and influence beyond anything we could have imagined. Our work is credited for the success of Fortune 500 companies and we have even been invited to testify before Congress about the national importance of STEAM. Being a designer is suddenly cool and students are flocking to our programs.

But what will the next 50 years bring? Beth Mosher, IDSA, uses future casting to examine emerging societal, environmental and technological trends and how they might impact the profession. Armed with possible scenarios, we will consider what steps we can take to be more nimble and resilient—and thrive.