Belfug Sener, IDSA

Belfug Sener, IDSA
User Experience Designer | Motorola Solutions
Vice Chair (Miami), IDSA Miami Chapter | 2020-2021

Belfug Sener, IDSA is a Miami-based designer and 2017 IDEA Gold winner. She is currently working at Motorola Solutions as a user experience designer. She received her master's degree in Integrated Design from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, and holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design from Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey. 

Member Spotlight

Sener's master's thesis project, Squad, was honored by Core77 Design Awards 2019 in the Strategy and Research category and was chosen as the Community Choice favorite. Squad also was selected as a highly commended design by Creative Conscience.

Squad is an application designed for tweens to engage with their first smartphone. Downloaded by parents and limited to a three-month provisional period, the app is intended to help iGen be more conscious about the negative effects and risks of social media. Additionally, Squad aims to enhance creativity and thinking skills around social issues through collaboration with peers, so that children can become better communicators and active social thinkers.

"Breaking away from social media and keeping life in balance is so difficult, especially for the iGen who grew up in an entirely post-digital era." - Belfug Sener

Sener designed Squad as an antidote to the mental health issues and loneliness that spending too much time on social media can cause. With Squad, young people with new smartphones can learn about social media’s risks and rewards through a carefully structured app; and as a result, make social media a meaningful channel by taking a more thoughtful, conscious, and empathetic approach.