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Brian Baker is an internationally experienced automotive designer, educator, historian, author and TV producer. He is an alumnus of The Art Center College of Design and also attended College for Creative Studies (CCS) and Indiana University. He spent a quarter century as a GM designer of concept and production vehicles in Europe and the US, including the Chevrolet SSR. He helped develop the Discovery Channel series “Future Car” and with his NY partner, formed a production company that is developing programming for Velocity, the National Geographic channel and the Web. He is a consultant to History Channel’s “Top Gear.” Baker has more than two decades experience as an educator for designers in collegiate and corporate programs in universities such as CCS, Wayne State University, Lawrence Technical University and the Cleveland Institute of Art. He has lectured at London’s Royal College of Design, Toronto International Design Symposium and SIEGRAPH conferences. He conceived and led the creation of the award winning book Driving Style; GM Design’s First Century. Born with a passion for motorsports, Baker has worked on the pit crew of an Indianapolis 500 top ten competitor.


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Who to Sleep With in the Office: Lessons Learned from Three Decades in Design

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