Arnold Wasserman

Arnold Wasserman, IDSA
Founding Principal
Collective Invention

Arnold Wasserman, IDSA, is a founding principal of the innovation consultancy Collective Invention, San Francisco and chair of the Idea Factory, Singapore. Fast Company named him one of “20 Masters of Design” as a pioneer of design thinking, human-centered design and innovation strategy. He has been vice president of corporate industrial design at NCR, Xerox and Unisys. He served as dean of Pratt Institute’s School of Design and senior fellow for design strategy at IDEO.

LEARN!2050 and Dexign Futures

Arnold Wasserman, IDSA, and Peter Scupelli explore how we might redesign education to face the challenges and opportunities of a sustainable future.

Increasingly, designers operate within ever-broader contexts (i.e., technological, social, political, environmental and global). Design for sustainable futures requires the ability to envision longtime horizon strategic scenarios  shaped by forces likely to drive change in broader contexts. Traditional pedagogy poorly equips designers to integrate long-range, strategic thinking with current human-centered design methods.